How to Order Prints

Here you can find out how to order prints from your shoot, right here on-line, or by telephone:

Find your shoot at Client Galleries

  1. Click on Client Galleries
  2. Go to search box in top right corner
  3. Enter your shoot date in reverse :  yymmdd  eg  170628
  4. Press enter
  5. Enter the special password which has been supplied to you
  6. Here are your photographs!

How to Order Prints online

  1. Scroll your gallery
  2. Click on the cart symbol of the photographs you would like to buy as prints
  3. Choose the sizes and quantities
  4. Check out with secure payment
  5. You’ll receive an email with delivery dates

How to Order Prints by phone

  • Scroll your gallery
  • Click on the photographs you would like to buy as prints
  • Note the photograph at the bottom of the picture (last three numbers only)
  • Telephone 07715 304 623 and we’ll help with your order and are able to take secure with any credit or debit card on the phone, or pay by bank transfer or Paypal
  • You’ll receive an email with delivery dates


Notes on debit or credit card payments by phone

My business is accredited and registered by  with the SaferPayments programme (compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard :PCI DSS)

This means you can simply phone us and we are able to take your payment securely with any debit or credit card, except American Express, with no extra commission or fees to you,  or we can arrange for you to pay on secure card machine in person

On-line direct debit/bank transfers

You may pay direct into our business account using our bank details from your computer or phone


You may arrange to pay into our business Paypal account