Thank you coming to my site, for looking at my wedding photography work and starting to read this! It’s all about me… and you

Once upon a time, long ago…

I was a tiny boy in shorts and school boy cap, rambling in my grandparents’ dark, old dusty Victorian house in Derby, when, with wide eyes, I discovered abandoned magical and mysterious photography artefacts in the attic

In time, the strange and wonderful alchemy of black and white photography unfolded. Photographic paper floated in smelly, syrupy developer, revealing images of captured moments, under the dim glow of dark-red safelights. I was hooked! Hopelessly addicted, into a lifetime of fascination with photography. Oh, yes, the good old days of dingy darkrooms, peace and quiet behind closed doors… then hey, well, hello digital! Wake up everyone!

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‘And then what happened?’ you ask

I studied photography in Birmingham, worked in studios, newspapers and wedding photography businesses in and around London, before returning to Derby as a wedding photographer, freelance press photographer, lecturer in photography at the University of Derby, and establishing a studio in Darley Abbey

Moving on from the studio, I am now back working full-time with my love of weddings. My wedding photography has taken me to wonderful venues such as the Royal Naval College in Greenwich, Westminster Cathedral, as well as delightful venues in Derbyshire, but wherever you get married, the most important element is, of course, you!

The sheer joy of being an important part of the one of the most significant and pivotal days in your life is an honour, so  draw up a chair, pour another red wine and let’s chat…


Photography on the Wedding Day

Shhh! I’ll let you into a secret! Don’t tell anyone, because you’d never guess, but I am so very, very old  and have been to so, so, so many weddings that I no longer proudly have a ‘mission statement’ set in concrete, nor on my website, or even a little prescribed idea about how I will approach your wedding! You see, I have ripped up the rule book. That’s because I’m going to listen to you!

What I do have is a passion to hear about your plans and wishes for the day, an ability to note your preferences, often using a traditional biro pen, and then to use photography to provide a service with pictures which delight you

Some ways of approaching your wedding

Contemporary candid

If you like, I’ll do lots of documentary press-style photographs, keeping a low profile (in  a ‘man of mystery’ mode), which capture the emotion, excitement and magic as it unfolds on your wedding day

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I also love natural portraits and may use available window light, for example, to discover serene moments of reflection and joy on faces (‘Rembrandt’ mode)


There are certain aspects which tell a traditional narrative, or you may have some of your own special ideas which are very important to you both personally, which you would like to be photographed in a more ‘deliberate’ way. If you wish, I can direct the photography at these occasions to get the pictures you desire, in a natural way. Also if you want a photographer to step up, with the experience, social and technical skills, and confidence to arrange a group of your two hundred boisterous guests… then I’m your man!

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Traditional wedding photography can be fun as well!


I don’t have a set number of hours of attendance at  your wedding. I want to see it all!

The lens cap can come off up to two hours before the ceremony starts, to photograph the bride getting ready (yes, brides can be ready on time, despite the popular myth, hehe); then pictures of the groom and guests arriving at the venue.  During the wedding itself, depending on the minister or registrar, I’ll discretely photograph important moments

We’ll discuss beforehand the best way to manage the photography after the ceremony so, whilst keeping the flow of your wedding on track, we’ll be able to, between us, achieve the results you’re looking for

During the wedding breakfast, I’ll have a short break (I promise to behave, keeping away from the bar) to be ready to photograph the speeches, and the start of the dancing

Then I’ll disappear, smiling into the night with your magical moments under my arm!

Contact me

If this sounds like something you’d like to discuss, don’t delay, do it now, yes now, ring or text me on 07715 304 623, or email me here. Thank you